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Everyone deserves a dignified farewell.

What do we have to offer


Funer'Eau stands for an exclusive farewell ceremony for a family member or friend. To this end, we have an exclusive boat with experienced skipper and master of ceremonies.

We work closely with the family and funeral director to accom-modate all possible wishes.


And we take our time.

After boarding, we set sail. Out to sea. Meanwhile, we inform about the exact celebration of the memory. Once at sea, we let you settle in and unwind with a drink of your choice. Often with a snack, in consultation with the closest family. 


The urn is lowered. A swaying carpet of flowers enhances the intense atmosphere.

To contemplate, the ship is sailed around the urn for a while and for some time the ship remains still near the urn for beautiful moments of reflection.


At the wish of the family, an extra-long cruise can be made with or without hoisted sails, the tranquillity of the sea and surroundings, the tour of this beautiful ship.


People often choose a meal afterwards to catch up and intensely enjoy memories and stories about the deceased. 


A unique experience that forever perpetuates the good, loving, positive image of the deceased.

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